Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4 Month Well Check

Well, it turns out that despite nursing poorly most of his life, Isaac's growing! At 5 days shy of 4 months, having soaked a diaper & being hungry, he weighed 16 pounds 14 ounces. He's 25 inches long. 90% weight, 70% length, 40% head that he got from daddy.

No vaccines today. I wasn't ready yet, and when Dr. C said, "you're not vaxxing, right?", I took it for the out it was and said no. Maybe next time?

She gave me the first foods list, which I have no plans to give him until well past 6 months. She also said based in his strength and sitting and size, he's basically a six month old. Then warned me again not to give food until 6 months. Preaching to the choir, here.

That's about all I remember. I'm blessed to have a happy, healthy baby.

Dear Isaac (5 months)

Isaac William, you're 5 months & 2 days old today. You have 5.5 teeth, the cutest thigh rolls ever, chubby cheeks, and the most adorably contagious laugh that has ever been laughed.

The fog has lifted, and while I can't say my PPD is gone forever, it's better. I'm better. We're better. I have regrets, if I let myself. Guilt for the things I haven't done with you, the photos I've missed, the cute Pinterest-y activities we haven't completed. Your first months are a blur of tears & stress & sore nipples. But we're here.

You're nursing pretty well now - I took away your pacifier (except middle of the night & in the car) 2 weeks ago, and that helped a ton. When I have a dairy slip, we regress a bit, but I'm getting better. You're getting better. You get all excited when you see me undo my tank top & sometimes you stay latched for minutes at a time.

Your eyes are still blue, your hair is light brown, except for a dark Mohawk down the middle. You're chubbier than your brother ever was.

Speaking of your brother - you adore him. He makes you laugh like no other. You watch him & giggle uncontrollably. I can't wait to see what you two are like in a few years- I bet you'll be best friends.
Ikey, your first few months have been harder than I would have liked. You deserved better. But, baby, I love you. You are a wonderful gift from God & looking at your smile is a miracle. Thank you for being mine.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Love Letter & Love

Jack has been writing love notes to his friends. He doesn't write. He scribbles random symbols. But to HIM, they are love notes and gifts.

He's been sneaking out and putting them in the neighbor's mailbox. It's happened twice now.

Today, he went down and put him "letter" in their mailbox. I reminded him that he's not allowed to wander the streets without telling me (I know, I'm unreasonable) and forgot about it. A few hours later, we had a neighbor movie night. 7 kids, a baby, moms, grandparents, a couple of dogs. We watched Brave, and I snuggled my scared boy & sleeping baby.

When the movie was over and we all headed home, he said, "Wait! Stop, everyone. There's something else!" And he ran out of the house to the mailbox and back in. "I brought letters for you all," he said, handing out empty envelopes with scribbles on them. For you, pointing at a friend, and you, and you.

The older kids looked confused, but were kind. We drank water, said our goodbyes. "I love you all!", he said as we walked out the door. And we headed home. We spun in circles on our walk until we were dizzy. He tried to get me to race, but that doesn't so much work with a baby in a Beco. We held hands.

I told him how sweet he is and how glad I am that he's loving and how glad I am that he's mine.

"I couldn't have done it without you, Mom."

I love this child so much. I love his sweet, his loving. I love his confidence. I hope he never loses any of those.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute Jack-isms

He calls Isaac's pacifier (car use only until he nurses well) a "sucky thingy". "mommy, Isaac needs his sucky thingy!"

He calls the fog, the frog. "is it froggy today? Ilike the frog!"

He loves to Monka Monka Isaac. This seems to be his version of Daniel Tiger's Ugga Mugga.

He calls me Mudder in a ridiculously cute voice if he's annoyed.

He still pronounces lemonade, "lenomade".

He calls Isaac "Isaac honey. Honey bunny".

He's just cute.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

So... This happened

Isaac William Theodore was born Monday September 17  at 2:45am, at home. He's perfect & loved & utterly adored by all of us, particularly by his big brother.

I don't know why I haven't blogged for months & months. I'll try to catch up:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

19 weeks

How the HECK did that happen. How did this pregnancy go from brand new & scary to nearly 1/2 way that quickly.

This baby is a wriggling fool, never still. Jack is... Fairly uninterested. That concerns me a little, but I'm trying to be cool.

Ultrasound next week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This picture cracks me up. My boy is pretty skinny. Muscular, solid, but skinny. But his cheeks! He still has cute, chunky, baby cheeks and I adore them. They make him look younger, sweeter. As long as he has baby cheeks, I can pretend he's a baby (it's getting harder to do, what with the talking and the attitude and the inappropriate potty humor.)

So this picture of my boy and my Moe, snuggled on the couch. They're adorable. But it's hilarious because Jack looks soooo chunky in it. And really? It's just the cheeks.

I love these boys.