Friday, July 30, 2010

The End of Nursing?

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I don't think it's coming any time soon. I always knew that I was going to nurse until a year and from then "as long as we were both happy". Now that we've gotten pretty much successfully through nightweaning (he's sleeping 9-9.5 hours straight!!!), I'm good. I'll nurse this child as long as he wants.

I think.

Last month, around the time that I think I ovulated, it FLIPPING KILLED me to nurse. It hurt ridiculously badly. I suffered through it, but hated every moment. It lasted five days, and then we were fine. I can deal with 5 bad days a month.

However, if when I get pregnant the situation becomes that bad and remains that bad, I may change my mind. I probably won't fully forcibly wean, but I'll offer distractions first and see what happens (sippy cup and a bike read in the morning, rather than a long, leisurely nursing session).

I hope it doesn't come to that. I love nursing Jack. It's such a sweet connection for us, such a quiet calm way for us to come together a few times during the day and refresh before the craziness begins again. I am fully open to tandem nursing, and think it would be a nice bonding experience for my kids. I used to say three was my cut off. Now it's...when he's ready, before Kindergarten. Wow! I don't think I've said that out loud before!

In my happy little dreamworld here's my ideal scenario: I get pregnant soon, have no issues in pregnancy, move Jack happily into his own room, have my VBAC and then...

Cosleep with new baby, while Jack joins us for nursing and snuggles in the mornings. Then naptime and bedtime nursing for Jack, while new baby nurses on demand. Maybe that'll be too much for me. Or my supply. Or, most likely, maybe Jack will be cutting down a lot by then.

But, as with the nightweaning, as with our near future attempts to move him out of our bed, as with any part of this parenting gig - it'll last as long as it's working for a majority of us. Right now, it is. If that changes, I'll do it as long as I can, then start making changes. The older he gets, the less likely I am too torture myself for our nursing relationship (I would have nursed him 'til one had it (almost) killed me, at almost two, things are different. At almost three, they'll be more different).

We'll see how it goes. Is there really another choice?


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