Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tot School L and M

Jack is 21 months old
It's been a crazy "work" week for me.  I've had a ton to do with Once Upon a Memory (about to be Monkeyin'Around Design) and my first Discovery Toys party.  So Tot School was kind of on the back burner.  We did do "school" on Tuesday and Wednesday with our friends, and we played some fun games, but it wasn't much (and it's not like we always do that much).  My pics are on my cell phone.  Which is upstairs, in bed with Jack.  So...I'll try to add those in tomorrow. I'll try.  I promise.

Anyway, Tuesday was "l is for Leaves" day.  We took the kids on a walk around my yard and had them pick leaves.  Then we came inside, glued them all over a piece of paper and put an "l" in the middle.  It was pretty cute.  Tip: If you do this, we decided to cover the page in wax paper and let it sit with a book over it for a day.  That helped flatten the leaves and get them glued on nicely.

Wednesday we did "m is for mouse".  This was ADORABLE.  We cut m's out of felt, glued on eyes and ears and a little chunk of cheese, and made pipe cleaner tales and whiskers.  Love!  Mack's mom did a great job organizing this one!

The rest of the week, we just kind of hung out.  Jack played with the MarbleWorks Discovery Toy (ball, ball?) a LOT (with close supervision) and we rode bikes, swam and played.  He's starting to know colors and will count with me - I say 1, he says 2, I say 2, he says 3.  It is progress?  Right?

And...that's it.  Hopefully this week will be a good Tot School week.  Next week: Beach Vacation!

And visit 1+1+1=1 for great Tot School ideas!

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