Monday, July 26, 2010

Wearing my Baby

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Well before I realized I would be any sort of an "Attachment Parent" or "crunchy" parent, I knew I would babywear and breastfeed.  Breastfeeding, because, well, I was.  And as far as I knew, that's just what you did.  Babywearing because it was cool, and cute, and easy, and you could do things!  I just loved the idea.

I thought I was going to use Mei Tai's or a pouch sling.  Peanut Shells were just adorable and Mei Tai's looked comfy.

Then...I don't know.

When Jack was a newborn I could just never get him positioned properly.  He'd look like he couldn't breathe.  My back would hurt.  It just didn't work.

I kept trying.  I bought a Maya Wrap.  Several pouches.  Then, when he was 2 months old,  I went to the home of a friend and babywearing expert.  She showed me how to wrap and I was hooked!

I had learned my lesson on spending money, so first I just bought a LONG piece of jersey knit and made my own Moby.  It was SO COMFORTABLE.  And so easy once I got the hang of it.  I could wander around the mall with Jack sleeping cozily on my chest.  So I bought a Moby or two.  And a Hopp.  The Hopp never worked for me.  I'm plus-sized, it wasn't, it was heavy and thick, and...just not for us.  But I used those Moby's WELL past the recommended 15 pounds.  I tied super-tight and was happy as a clam.

Until Jack turned 9 months old, started walking, and never looked back.

I couldn't wear him at all for several months.  He just wanted to be down.  And running.

Then I got a Calyx and I pulled back out one of those old pouches.  Both are wonderful.  The pouch is, to this day, perfect for running into a store where I don't want him to touch everything.  Or for wearing him when he's not going to stay up long, and I don't want to be sad to put him down.  The Calyx is my go-to for zoo days or fairs or anything where we're walking for a long time.  It's not as quick as an Ergo or other buckle carrier, but it's so comfy & secure for me and Jack. 

I never could breastfeed and wear him.  I don't know if it's because my, ahem, large, breasts aren't quite perky enough for him to easily reach or if I am just not coordinated enough.  It didn't work for us. 

I'm going to have to learn.  I can't imagine surviving as the (eventual) mom of two kids without being able to nurse a newborn in a sling while I chase the Monkey.  Not and be the kind of mom I want to be.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I've been pretty determined to get the hang of breastfeeding while babywearing, and I'm starting to be successful at it. I hope it works better for you next time. =)

  2. I'm envious of all those great carriers you have. I loved my Moby like crazy but I only had that one and the ring sling (which I didn't use the 2nd time around). I regret not having a mei tai or Ergo. Sigh. Oh well.