Sunday, November 7, 2010

Toddler Talk: Breastfeeding

When I took Bradley classes, my instructor (who nursed her son 'til 4.5) said "all women should nurse until their children can talk.  They say the funniest things".  I always planned to nurse until he was one, maybe later, but kind of rolled my eyes at the hippiness of the comment.


On Friday, at my Sister-in-Law's rehearsal dinner, Jack looked at the two bottles of beer sitting in front of me (one was almost empty, the waiter had brought a replacement.  I wasn't double fisting!).  He pointed at one and said "juice".

I said, "Yes, Mommy's juice". 

He pointed at the other, "Daddy's juice?".

I said, "Yes, Daddy's juice". (Why confuse the child).

He pointed at mine again, "Mommy's juice?".

"Yes, Mommy's juice."

Pointed at my boob "Jack's juice".

Yes, baby, that's Jack's juice.

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  1. Love it! There is nothing more fun than a walkin', talkin' nurser. Some of my very best and most fun memories with Trevor were related to his antics at that stage.

    Nice work, grasshopper!